Besan Ke Ladoo

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Besan Ke Ladoo

Traditional Indian sweets made with gram flour

Prep time 10 mins
Cook time 20 mins
Serves 10 ladoo
Main Ingredients Besan

Besan Ladoo is a famous Indian sweet which is made for any occasion. It's made with gram flour which is roasted in ghee. This melt in the mouth sweet is a big hit with children and adults all alike. You can make it in large batches and store them in an airtight container to have something


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Besan Ke Ladoo Ingredients

Besan Ke Ladoo Ingredients


  1. In a wok heat the ghee.
  2. Add the gram flour and roast on a low flame till the flour turn light golden brown in colour. This will take time and make sure you keep stirring it or else it may turn dark brown. This will take about 6-7 minutes.
  3. Remove and spread on a plate which will help it to cool faster.
  4. Once it's cooled down add the powdered sugar, cardamom powder and nutmeg powder.
  5. Mix well till all the sugar is absorbed.
  6. Take a handful of mixture and form small rounds. It must be firm or else it may break.
  7. Serve it as a sweet dish.

Serving Instructions

Serve it hot or cold as it is.


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