Jeera Rice

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Jeera Rice

Fragrant rice with ghee and shahi jeera.

Prep time 30 mins
Cook time 20 mins
Serves 2
Main Ingredients Basmati Rice

Jeera Rice is very popular in India. You will find this dish in any Indian restaurant. It is very easy to make and is very aromatic. This is a Punjabi recipe which is eaten with any gravy dishes.


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Jeera Rice Ingredients

Jeera Rice Ingredients


  1. Wash and soak the rice for 30 minutes. Drain and keep aside
  2. In a large heavy bottom vessel with lid, heat the ghee.
  3. Add the bay leaf, black cardamom and caraway seed. Sauté for a minute.
  4. Add the drained rice and sauté for 3 minutes.
  5. Add the water and salt. Cook on a high flame till it comes to a boil.
  6. Put on the lid and cook on medium flame till water is absorbed and rice is cooked. Make sure to leave a small gap while cooking covered.
  7. Fluff out the rice gently with fork.
  8. Serve hot.

Serving Instructions

Serve hot with paneer butter masala


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