Stainless Steel Indian Clay Tandoori Oven

Stainless Steel Indian Clay Tandoori Oven

Enjoy Indian tandoor (clay oven) cooking at home.

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This is a small and convinient tandoor oven suitable for authentic cooking Indian tandoori food. It's designed to provide very high, dry heat in which the food is prepared. It provides as high as 480 degrees celsius heat inside.


  • Portable stainless steel charcoal Tandoor with castors.
  • Weight: 40 Kg.
  • Diameter: 406 mm.
  • Total Height: 560 mm.
  • Height: 485 mm (without castors).
  • Wheels: 102 mm.
  • Mouth: 254 mm.

Accessories include

  • Lid with brass handle.
  • 8 x stainless steel skewers with wooden handles.
  • 1 Cushion - To place naan bread in Tandoor.
  • 2 Rods - To take naan bread out of Tandoor.
  • Lump of clay - To fill should you get any cracks in the clay lining.

Weather cover and stainless steel grill available as an extra. Packed in wooden carton (Approx. 50 Kg).


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